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All that stuff

Words 6 Mar 17

I'm 38 and I've got a lot of "stuff". Practical stuff. Documents. Memories. Cards. Bottles. Game figures. Games. Stuff, you know? We've all got stuff lying around. When I moved out to my apartment in Liverpool I basically took clothes, a desk, cameras, and a computer. That was it. I had an inflatable bed and a chair to work on. 7 years later and I've accumulated a lot of stuff, which has been made worse by my dad dying last year.

I've been forced into taking on more stuff simply because I didn't want to get rid of it. For example, touristy gift shop stuff from mines we went down as a kid. I have no use for them but they've been by my dads front door for decades. It's hard to let go. The photo above is from a photo essay I produced of things I found at my dad's from my childhood. Do I need a copy of Workbench for an Amiga? No. It's not very big to keep but it all adds up. Hard to get rid of though. read more


Words 3 Aug 16

So Instagram blatantly stole Snapchats best feature, the stories feature. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and my conclusion is that good artists copy, great artists steal. Maybe.

I’ve been a fan of Snapchat since its early days. I read an article that justified its existence in a very simple way. It’s freedom. Almost every social network retains the content you create on it apart from Snapchat. Everything is archived for that day later in life when you or someone else needs it. Now that’s handy but it also means you can’t relax and you can only post the absolutely best things ever. Not with Snapchat. With Snapchat you can post anything and it’s gone a day later. You are free to be silly and stupid. That’s why it’s such a big hit with younger people and confusing for older types. We have to get back into a mindset of being able to enjoy the freedom of being silly. That’s Snapchats key feature and I love it for that. Confusing UI, sure. Annoying content from media you detest, yeah. But an ability to be silly without worry? Amazing. read more


Personal, Visual Diary 21 Jan 16

I was thinking about acceptance the other day after reading an article by Claire Eastham. Imagine if you could accept who you are, draw strength from your abilities and really make something great? Wouldn’t that be good? Instead we dislike who we are. But then that’s the road you take to better yourself I guess. If you see yourself as rubbish then you’ll work hard to fix that. So in the end we’re constantly unhappy and unaware that we’re actually doing the great things. read more

Not being good enough

Personal 20 Oct 15

I sat down last night with full intention of posting my best Iceland photos. Ive got about 22 that are sorted into a group for posting. They’re good solid photos. They tick all the right boxes. Beautiful light. Epic landscapes. A land of fire (which we didn’t see) and ice (which we did). They filmed Interstellar there and also Game of Thrones. The light is magical. You know what you’re getting when you see a link for Iceland photos. Maybe that’s why I turned the laptop off and played Mass Effect 3 instead then.

The 2015 Plan

Personal, Words 7 Jan 15

I don’t have resolutions. I believe they’re just trendy ideas with no solid foundation. I’d rather not have a list of things I want to fail at. So I’ve got a list of things I’d like to do this year.

  1. Make more personal work.
  2. Try and start my gamer project.
  3. Exhibit in Look/15.
  4. 1 roll of film per month.
  5. Decide whether Baltic is a project or an essay.
  6. Review the year post in Dec.
  7. Journal daily. Even if it’s just a photo. DayOne app is brilliant.
  8. Disconnect and enjoy nothing more than music. Headphones on. Kick back with tunes.
  9. Photograph more architecture. Properly. No silly angles.
  10. Blog more. I used to post daily. It would be nice to do more blogging.

I read a post by Matt Gemmell on the issue of blogging with an audience. It echoed my worries about blogging. Second guessing content, focus and direction for the site. So the site will simply be my space and we’ll see where that goes.

That said, what do I want to be known for? Crap street photography? People walking around at f/1.8 with great bokeh and nothing at all happening but the processing hides that? HDR? Over processing? Uber wide angle photos on a 35 degree angle? I’ve done all of these things in the past but in 2015 what do I want to do and be known for? read more

The 365 photo-diary

Personal, Words 2 Jan 15

It’s the start of the new year and I’ve seen a few people start a 365 project. Even though I’ve done one I’m left wondering why?

It took me a few failed attempts to start a 365 and on my 31st birthday I was determined to start and off I went. I ended up accidentally documenting the year I started going out with my wife to be. So I know just how interesting the 365 journey can be.

That said my issue with the 365 in today’s world is that we almost all do a 365 with Instagram. We’ve always got a camera with us to document that random moment. So why even bother to take up a photo diary 365 and post bad photos of crisp packets, the cat doing cute things because you needed a photo or that coffee in Starbucks? You don’t need the pressure of a 365 to force you to take that photo. It’s what we do now. I just photographed my morning cuppa. read more