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Words 3 Aug 16

So Instagram blatantly stole Snapchats best feature, the stories feature. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and my conclusion is that good artists copy, great artists steal. Maybe.

I’ve been a fan of Snapchat since its early days. I read an article that justified its existence in a very simple way. It’s freedom. Almost every social network retains the content you create on it apart from Snapchat. Everything is archived for that day later in life when you or someone else needs it. Now that’s handy but it also means you can’t relax and you can only post the absolutely best things ever. Not with Snapchat. With Snapchat you can post anything and it’s gone a day later. You are free to be silly and stupid. That’s why it’s such a big hit with younger people and confusing for older types. We have to get back into a mindset of being able to enjoy the freedom of being silly. That’s Snapchats key feature and I love it for that. Confusing UI, sure. Annoying content from media you detest, yeah. But an ability to be silly without worry? Amazing. read more

New Flickr

Personal, Words 11 May 15

I feel like I’ve lost something. Flickr recently had a redesign but it doesn’t feel like home. It hasn’t for a number of years. Is it due to the design changes or the lack of a community feeling I lost there years ago?

I look around at the new photo sharing sites. 500px, Instagram, Google something something, Facebook (kinda). 500px isn’t home. It’s nicely designed but I don’t feel at home there. Instagram is fun but not home either. It’s a stream of photos by people I follow, which you could argue Flickr is too but Flickr used to have a sense of community that Instagram doesn’t appear to have. Also I look at Instagram with confusion. I don’t understand how someone can get 71,000 followers without posting cat photos constantly and without tagging. Are they bought? How do you even do that? I don’t understand Instagram in that way. Flickr you could sort of understand that people played a game of add to 1,000 groups and toy with tags to get into Explore. I see some people play that on Instagram with tags but when someone hasn’t done that but has a huge following I wonder. Then there’s Facebook. Facebook I keep at arms length. I don’t trust what they’re doing and again it doesn’t feel like home in the way that forums used to. Too high a noise to signal ratio perhaps? read more

Flickr turns 10

Personal 10 Mar 14

lomokev pointed out something that seems to have gone completely unnoticed. At least I didn’t see any tweets or posts in my RSS feeds. Flickr is 10 years old. Happy birthday Flickr.

I joined the site back in January 2005. I’ve been there 9 years. My career is on Flickr in the archives. In my first month there I posted architecturural photos, portraits, street photography, events, lomos, a New Brighton photo and of course the Liverpool skyline. What am I doing 9 years later? The same. Hopefully I’m a bit better at it. read more