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LIMF SummerJam Sunday

Events, Gigs 31 Aug 15

Man. What a day. Highlight was definitely the Its Liverpool stage. Great crowd. Great tunes. If I wasn’t working I’d be chilling there. If you’re about at LIMF today setup camp down there. The Real Thing were fantastic fun as were Herstory who had a guest appearance by Jayne Casey. The Academy and Bandstand stage had some great acts on too. I didn’t get to see much of the Central stage but thats on my list today. The great thing about LIMF is theres as much and as little as to do as you want. Want to sit in the park eating nice food and drinking a cider with your mates? Sorted. Want to jump around to thumping bass? Sorted. Want to sit on the beach with your kids? Yer that too. It’s such a good festival. read more

Bank Holiday Monday Summer Jam at LIMFestival

Events, Gigs 28 Aug 14

The final day of LIMF. It rained. I don’t think anyone cared as the music kept on playing. Overall LIMF was a great few days. My highlights were definitely The Lightning Seeds playing with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Seven Street’s ‘You Are Here’ piece with Bill Ryder Jones, Kof, Archangel, Moonwraith and Moongai.

limf-monday-pete-carr-sub-blue-6977 limf-monday-pete-carr-sophia-ben-yousef-1594 limf-monday-pete-carr-hoosiers-1683 limf-monday-pete-carr-1867 limf-monday-pete-carr-lemar-7085 limf-monday-pete-carr-2022 limf-monday-pete-carr-raleigh-ritchie-2054 limf-monday-pete-carr-raleigh-ritchie-2120 limf-monday-pete-carr-visitors-7173 limf-monday-pete-carr-rob-vincent-2325 limf-monday-pete-carr-rob-john-power-2390 limf-monday-pete-carr-rob-john-power-2416 limf-monday-pete-carr-jesse-boykins-2429 limf-monday-pete-carr-mike-badger-7318 limf-monday-pete-carr-the-farm-7443

Sunday Summer Jam at LIMF

Events, Gigs 25 Aug 14

Another beautiful day in Sefton Park. I couldn’t pick a favourite moment. I really couldn’t. It’s part blur, part amazing. So much happened. What I clearly remember though is the setting. Sefton Park is simply beautiful and a great place to host all these stages as it forces you to walk around it.

Last day. I’ve got my DMs on and spare socks. Lets hope they were wrong about the weather.

Shell Deliah Shell Deliah limfestival-sunday-pete-carr-2686 Taylor Fowlis limfestival-sunday-pete-carr-6734 Kid Creole limfestival-sunday-pete-carr-6813 Kate Tempest limfestival-sunday-pete-carr-3267 Baltic Fleet limfestival-sunday-pete-carr-shaggy-3461

LIMF Summer Jam Saturday

Events, Gigs 24 Aug 14

The sun came out! Everyone was dancing, partying and the sun actually came out. I think I got sunburn. What a day. I think my highlight was Swindle on the International Emerging Artist Stage. A mix of DnB and jazz. Funky stuff. So many artists on though. Kinda wish I could see them all but there’s too much choice. 5 stages on Saturday! Mental. Rock on Sunday!

limfestival-saturday-vanessa-murray-pete-carr-6126 limfestival-saturday-pete-carr-6160 limfestival-saturday-pete-carr-2150 limfestival-saturday-vynce-pete-carr-6251 limfestival-saturday-swindle-pete-carr-2305 limfestival-saturday-nukhut-dj-pete-carr-6306 limfestival-saturday-pete-carr-2427 limfestival-saturday-go-fiasco-pete-carr-6340 limfestival-saturday-pete-carr-6396 limfestival-saturday-style-g-pete-carr-2488 limfestival-saturday-style-g-pete-carr-6453 limfestival-saturday-style-g-pete-carr-6456 limfestival-saturday-style-g-pete-carr-6525

Lightning Seeds and Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra open LIMFestival

Events, Gigs 23 Aug 14

What an opening night! The Phil played Jaws, Indie and loads of other classic movie theme tunes. If that wasn’t enough the Lightning Seeds came on and played their greatest hits with an orchestral backing. That was just the opening evening. Next up is 3 days of live music on 5 stages around the park.

limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-5839 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-1627 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-1647 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-5852 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-5855 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-5869 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-1747 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-5940 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-5955 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-1819 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-1832 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-1880 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-5981 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-5999 limfestival-lightning-seeds-rlpo-1942

LIMFestival with the Philharmonic and fireworks

Events, Featured, Gigs 20 Aug 14

LIMFestival returns this weekend with a cracking line up. The Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra along with Ian Broudie and the Lightning seeds will open the weekend on Friday. That in itself will be a mind blowing event. The weekend event has Shaggy. Shaggy! Nuff said.

There’s also the Seven Streets ‘You are here‘ gig at the Palm House. £5 / ticket to see an audio exploration of what home means to you featuring musicians from France, Russia and the UK.

I didn’t get to see much of it last year due to other commitments so I’m super happy to have been commissioned to photograph the entire weekend this year. It’s going to be a lot of fun. read more

Lonely bench

Uncategorized 17 Jan 11

An empty lonely park bench on a chilly night in Sefton Park.

Although it doesn’t look like it I did use HDR here. 7 exposures bracketed, merged and then adjusted in Lightroom. Why use HDR if it doesn’t look like it needed it? Well I didn’t really know what the end result was going to be so I put everything into one shot and had a play. The detail was there in the sky, the ground, etc. Lots of nice detail in the shadows without any noise and retention of detail in the highlights. I probably could have just used a ND filter but I didn’t have one with me so HDR to the rescue. I really am liking doing the cleaner more non-HDR looking HDR than my older shouty HDR style.I should probably update the HDR tutorial with some new tips one day. read more