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New Brighton Remembrance Service

Stories 10 Nov 15

I’ve documented the Remembrance Service for many years. This year it was cold, wet and windy on New Brighton promenade. I wasn’t sure how many people would come out in such conditions but it was a busy service. People were here to pay respects for lives lost.

I saw a dog in the corner of my eye. His owner gave him a pat on the back and a smile. I looked around and saw another man sheltering his dog from the wind. The poor thing was shivering. Beyond that I saw people talking, shaking hands and doing the unexpected. Smiling. People were smiling on this cold, wet, windy November day at the Remembrance Service. It’s not an aspect you ever see on the TV or in the paper, not that I’ve seen anyway. It’s a somber event to pay respects and yet people were smiling. read more

Mr Cliff Rowlands

Featured, Portraits 11 Nov 14

Mr Cliff Rowlands. He served in Bosnia, the first Gulf war, 9 times northern island, community service in South Africa and other places. He attended Remembrance Sunday to honour his friends who died during their service.

After talking with Mr Rowlands for a few minutes he told me he used to have more medals. Unfortunately his flat was broken into and some medals were stolen. They had no monetary value only sentimental. Yet they were stolen.

New Brighton – Remembrance Sunday

Events 10 Nov 14

It’s been 100 years since the start of WW1. I chose to document the Remembrance Sunday service close to home in New Brighton. I’m sure more people came out this year than others. Old veterans, families with young children and babies, men and women all came out to pay their respects.

Featured above is Don Roe who served on HMS Duke of York, 1943-46. He attended the service with his family.

Wallasey Remembrance Sunday Service
Wallasey Remembrance Sunday Service Wallasey Remembrance Sunday Service
Wallasey Remembrance Sunday Service
Wallasey Remembrance Sunday ServiceWallasey Remembrance Sunday Service Wallasey Remembrance Sunday Service