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Trump protest in Liverpool

Events 31 Jan 17

There was a strong protest in Liverpool against Trump’s immigration executive order. The Guardian can sum it up better than I can. I’m totally against it. You can’t ban people out of fear, especially not the US which was built on immigration. I was really proud that Liverpool got a protest sorted in less than 24hrs. I was most proud about the diversity and energy in the crowd. People in wheelchairs laughing with friends. Kids, teens, adults, OAPs from a whole range of backgrounds. Comedy signs and poignant signs. Good show Liverpool. read more

Liverpool council unites against government cuts

Uncategorized 21 Feb 11

On Sunday various officials from Liverpool Council and the opposition came together to rally against government cuts. It was a mostly peaceful protest but some people did get heated up by some of the speakers.

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Student protest in Liverpool

Uncategorized 24 Nov 10

I don’t think I’ve seen a bigger protest since the Condi Rice protests in 2006. Loads of police, horses and police dogs. The protest randomly took time out for sit-ins outside Lime St, Town Hall and Berry St. They also played a game of cat and mouse with the police around Liverpool One finally ending outside Chocolate Cellar on Hanover Street. Why? The Conservatives used to work in the office above Chocolate Cellar. There was a big ‘For Sale’ sign outside it and from my perspective it looked like a waste of time. Actually it looked more like they were protesting against chocolate as most of the eggs hit the shop not the office above. read more