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A day at sea on the Waverley

Landscapes, Travel 7 Sep 15

Bought for £1 and fully restored to service the PS Waverley is the last sea going paddle steamer. She’s a beautiful ship and she sails from Liverpool on a day trip to Llandudno and Anglesey. I wholeheartedly recommend it. I’ve flown over Liverpool a couple of times but theres something about seeing the city on the horizon. It’s magical. I can only imagine what it must have been like sailing to New York and seeing that skyline. The ticket cost around £40 for the full trip. There’s great bacon butties till 11am and after that is fish and chips, or just chips if you’re me. They have a fully stocked whisky bar too. read more

LIMF Summer Jam – Monday

Events, Gigs 1 Sep 15

Holy cow what a weekend. I think LIMF this year has felt a lot tighter. The Academy stage was wonderful and I think the loudest stage in town. Real strong vibes there. The Bandstand was just lovely as usual. If I had to pick a stage to camp out by with beer, food and mates it would be the It’s Liverpool stage. Constantly great. A real joy.

I’ve loved this years events. So much has happened. The tribute to Gill Scott-Heron just a few days ago feels like months ago. There’s been a lot going on since then. read more

LIMF SummerJam Sunday

Events, Gigs 31 Aug 15

Man. What a day. Highlight was definitely the Its Liverpool stage. Great crowd. Great tunes. If I wasn’t working I’d be chilling there. If you’re about at LIMF today setup camp down there. The Real Thing were fantastic fun as were Herstory who had a guest appearance by Jayne Casey. The Academy and Bandstand stage had some great acts on too. I didn’t get to see much of the Central stage but thats on my list today. The great thing about LIMF is theres as much and as little as to do as you want. Want to sit in the park eating nice food and drinking a cider with your mates? Sorted. Want to jump around to thumping bass? Sorted. Want to sit on the beach with your kids? Yer that too. It’s such a good festival. read more

LIMF – Bluebird at the Bluecoat

Events, Gigs 30 Aug 15

I’m not a Nashville country music kinda guy so I wasn’t aware of the Bluebird Cafe until last night. If I’m ever in town I’ll be stopping by. Last nights gig at the Bluecoat involved a spiritual recreation of the Bluebird cafe with beautiful music and conversation about music, creativity and life. I loved it. It was such an intimate heart warming gig. I learnt, or at least was reminded, that you need to stretch your “show up” muscle. That every “no” gets you one step closer to a “yes”. Most of all I learnt just how warm and soothing country music can be. read more

LIMF DJs at the Palm House

Events, Gigs 29 Aug 15

LIMF 2nd night. As I said in my last post its great we have such amazing spaces for music. Some great DJs on last night. I was really hoping Norman ‘the cat’ Killen, who used DJ in the original Eric’s, would do a set. He didn’t but the main guys played some awesome tunes.

LIMF-2015-7969-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9251-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8861-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9304-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9429-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9395-pete-carr LIMF-2015-7848-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9198-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9103-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9009-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9005-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8964-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8923-pete-carr LIMF-2015-7630-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8839-pete-carr

LIMF 2015 Day 1

Events, Gigs 28 Aug 15

The Liverpool International Music Festival, LIMF, is warming up for August Bank Holiday. Last night saw the first major event in the shape of a tribute to Gil Scott-Heron with Aswad, the Christians, Sophia Ben-Yousef, Talib Kweli and the brilliant Craig Charles. I do love that we have these epic spaces for music events in the city.

The festival is huge with events on all the way through to Monday night. I’m covering a lot of it along with Mark McNulty so stay tuned to our sites for coverage over the weekend. read more

Liverpool Pride 2015 Portraits

Portraits 11 Aug 15

For the past few years I’ve enjoyed making a series of portraits at Liverpool Pride. This year was no exception, even with the rain. I was equipped with a newly purchased Hasselblad 500cm and set to work. Due to the rain I shot 4 on my Fuji X100s as I was a bit over-protective of the Hasselblad, which when you think about it is silly. The Hasselblad has no electronics whereas the X100s is filled with them. Anyway. It was good fun and great to chat with people.

The X100 photos are the last 4. The rest are Hasselblad. There’s a bit of a light leak issue but I’ve got a kit on its way from Italy to correct that. Only about £6 and its an easy fix. Even at f/4 the depth of field is crazy. I thought these were all in focus but it seems that medium format is very unforgiving. You absolutely have to nail the focus, even at f/4. Tricky when the viewfinder is reversed so your natural instincts to correct the composition are the wrong way around. I was saying to my wife this morning that I think the blad is now my favourite camera. It just feels so mechanical. It’s a joy to use. The viewfinder is exceptional and the photos are very very nice. There’s an acceptance of film. Digital I always try and perfect in post. Film I try and perfect at the scene because when I see the print/scan thats the photo. With digital I’m always adjusting shadows, highlights, whites, blacks, clarity, exposure, white balance, etc in Lightroom. I love this camera and can’t wait to use it more. Anyway, less nerd talk more photos. read more

Liverpool Pride 2015

Events 1 Aug 15

Another year and another rainy Pride Festival. I think the rain just makes people have a more fun time. To quote my wife, “You can’t have a rainbow without rain.”

The rain killed my X100s. I hope it comes back to life. My newly acquired Hasselblad was kept dry and I shot a roll of portraits after the event. I’ll post them when they’re done.

Liverpool-Pride-2015-6961-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6950-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6962-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-7007-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6928-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6976-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6977-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-7023-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6979-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6990-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-7010-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-6992-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-7019-pete-carr Liverpool-Pride-2015-7040-pete-carr

P&O Cruise Ship Britannia visits Liverpool

Ships 14 Jul 15

P&O’s latest cruise ship the MV Britannia is the largest of its kind and one of the largest ships to visit Liverpool. The engines generate the same power as 86 Bugatti Veyrons. She’s 15 meters shorter than QM2 and 2 meters shorter. So not the biggest cruise ship to visit the city but certainly pretty big.

P&O cruise ship Britannia P&O cruise ship Britannia P&O cruise ship Britannia P&O cruise ship Britannia P&O cruise ship Britannia P&O cruise ship Britannia P&O cruise ship Britannia P&O cruise ship Britannia