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NYC in black and white

Journal 19 Jan 17

"Photography describes what's in front of the camera." – Joel Meyerowitz

"…the tones are lovely but the heat is lost…" – Joel Meyerowitz on colour and black and white.

I've just been watching a live stream of Joel Meyerowitz discussing photography. Isn't technology great? It's live from Germany. My mind is racing with all sorts of thoughts, just in the same way it did when I saw him live at Derby years ago. He's a great speaker. If you get the chance go to one of his talks. read more

Liverpool #29

Liverpool, Street, Travel 26 Jan 16

I found some old film photos of the Liverpool Pride Festival from a few years back. This is by far the best. I may post some others but I really like this.

Liverpool #1

England, Faves, Liverpool, Street 21 Feb 13

The first in a small series shot in Liverpool on my M6. A wonderful camera that kicks my arse every time I use it.