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Farm Feast Fest at Claremont Farm

Events 27 May 14

The Wirral food and drink festival has been re-branded as Farm Feast Fest. The 2 day event came complete with sheep, cheesecake, New Order’s greatest hits and of course torrential bank holiday rain. Apparently my jacket wasn’t as waterproof as I had been led to believe so I had to pop to my dad’s to get dry clothes before hypothermia set in. It was epically wet and of course a lot of people just didn’t care. It was all part of the fun.

The Ship and Mitre had lovely pint glasses you could carry with you all day for a discount refill and even take home. They also had a huge assortment of beer and cider to try. Street food was available and it seemed like “dawgs n slaw” were the popular items more so than your standard gourmet burger. You could get cocktails in coconuts too. The vintage fair had an old game machine that was tempting. You know the sort that had tennis, football etc from some random brand wanting to cash in on Pong? read more