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The Barbican in London

Architecture, Black-and-White 15 Jul 15

I’ve been to the Barbican once or twice over the years. It’s a hugely fascinating place. It feels like you step out of London and into something else completely different. A brutalist self contained city. It’s a strangely beautiful arrangement of concrete, trees and random humans. I imagine you could spend days there taking photos.


Architecture, Black-and-White, Personal 21 Apr 15

“Digital has made architectural photography very slick – sometimes you don’t know if it’s a photo, or if it’s a rendering, and that I find very disturbing. …If you’ve spent five years to ten years making a building, you want to make sure that the photos are like a building and not like a rendering.” – Hélène Binet 

Hélène Binet is my new favourite photographer. She’s an architectural photographer who shoots film for some of the words top architects. Her work is beautiful. Seriously stunningly beautiful. read more