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Morning Gloryville Portraits

Portraits 12 Nov 15

Morning Gloryville is an event that takes place on the first Wednesday of the month at Constellations in Liverpool. It’s basically a morning rave from 6:30am till about 10am. A morning rave. Crazy. Constellations is right next to a school so when some kids are wandering into school going “Ugh its too early.” there are people bouncing out of a rave filled with more energy than your average star. It’s a great contrast.

I was too young for raving as it developed in the early 90s. I do remember my cousins talking about places like the Paradox. I didn’t get it. I was perfectly content playing Elite 2: Frontier and Street Fighter 2 on my Amiga. I missed out on raving the night away and photographing it all. read more


Liverpool 14 Jul 14

This is *the* new place in the Baltic Triangle. It’s called Constellations and its got to be Liverpool’s first kert. If you don’t know a kert is a type of bar in Budapest. They’re also called ruinpubs as they’re based in run down sites between buildings. I’ve been meaning to blog about them as I did a quick tour while in Budapest a few years back. They are amazing. Here today and gone tomorrow. Lovely outdoor atmosphere. Its what Liverpool is sadly lacking. Thankfully the Baltic now has Constellations. An indie startup looking to provide an outdoor venue and event space. The launch was on Friday and it was filled with a mix of people from the area. It was a joy to see. Here’s to many more days spent there this summer… not drinking as I’m trying to fit into my wedding suit ;) read more

Some warehouses

Black-and-White, Old 19 May 07

Not an amazing shot today but one that I feel works. I wish the clouds had more drama to them but they came out a little flatter than expected. Kinda feeling stuck in a rut with photography at the moment. I think its because I’ve HDR’d half of Liverpool now and I’m feeling stuck. Where next, what next? How do I progress? I think I need to travel somewhere fresh. Having spent months doing urban landscapes I think the obvious answer would be to get out to the Lakes or Snowdonia. I might go through some old Scotland photos. I’ve still got to get my shots for RawLiver and next week is Shoot Liverpool, which I am really looking forward to. If there’s one thing that can help you with photography its being out with mates. read more

The Back Streets

Black-and-White, Old 17 May 07

Taken around Greenland Street in Liverpool. The light was all over the shop so I had to HDR it to bring out some foreground detail, and the detail in the sky. In other news it seems that Flickr are saying sorry for deleting rebekka’s post. I can fully understand their reasoning because the comments did get way way out of hand, including death threats to the company. Hopefully Flickr will learn from this and edit comments as they should have done. A simple deletion of the stupid posts with a note would have worked. Forum like moderation. read more

A random street

Old 16 May 07

This is just a random street near Greenland St in Liverpool. There’s lots of great places like this around there. In other news there’s been a lot of things going on at Flickr. The short story is that rebekka, one of the top posters there, had her work stolen and sold as someone elses. She found out and posted about it on Flickr. After over 101,000 views and 6 pages of comments relating to how to deal with this issue, helpful for anyone, Flickr decided to delete the post. Apparently Flickr wasn’t to be used to attack people, even if said people may have stolen your work and you were only asking for advice on how to progress. The CEO of Zoomr, Flickr’s main rival, has some good information about the subject. There is also an updated entry by rebekka about it saying that Flickr have apologised but they haven’t reinstated the entry. Thankfully Google caught it. In the immortal words of Bulldog from Fraiser, “This is wrong! This is total BS!” I hope she gets things sorted and fully compensated for this. It could easily happen to any photographer and its great to see the community helping her out. read more