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Lakes Alive in Kendal

Events 7 Sep 16

A new festival up in Kendal. I cover so many events and I’m usually rushed off my feet trying to Pok√©mon it all. This was a festival just as jam packed as any but somehow super chilled out. Maybe it was because it was spread over a few days and we glampped over. Is that how you even use that word? Glamped over. Well thats what we did. Posh tent out in a field 5 minutes from a Morissons and idling sheep. I’m doing a middle class wrist flick snap yo.

Unfortunately we couldn’t see the first days performances due to work but the second and third were lovely. A giraffe roamed Kendal nibbling on the tall trees. There was a permanent full moon inside a church. You made your own screen print totes. Live music filled another church at night. You could fly a drone and a project by Ironbird and Draw & Code, Bird Hive let you fly over the Lakes with a 360 degree VR experience like you were a bird… Or well a bird captured by a robot from a dystopian future perhaps as when you looked up you would see your drone overlord. VR outdoors made for a super accessible experience. read more

Liverpool Light Night was incredible

Events, Featured 2 Jul 14

Liverpool Light Night returns! Once¬†again the team puts on an epic show of music, art, culture, dance, and well everything we’re good at. It’s all packed into one night that can’t be contained. Dance spills out onto the streets. Music bounces from cathedral to cathedral. Honestly its just amazing to see the city light up this way.

Normally I look at the guide and try to plan some route around the city that takes in as much as possible. There’s easily 4 days worth of events to take in during the night. You can only see a small amount of what happens and even though you only see a small amount what you see is incredible. After there’s the fun of talking to people during the week after about what you saw, what they saw and the inevitable “Oh no way! Really?” This year I was lucky enough to have my night planned out to the minute as I was working for the Open Culture team to document the night. It was a rush dashing around from venue to venue. My Fitbit said we walked 7 miles during the night. Insane! read more

The Tatton Park Biennial

Events 15 Oct 12

After photographing the final Moment When event at Tatton Park we visited the Biennial there. I’ve never been and was pleasantly surprised by the art and the location. It’s such a lovely place to walk around and discover the artwork hidden amongst the trees.

Turning the place over – 2

Architecture, Events, Old 22 Jun 07

This is a close up of Turning the place over. Here you can see the radiators are still attached to the wall. Its quite surreal. You don’t expect buildings to do that. They stand still, they don’t move around. Its like something from Transformers.

Turning the place over

Architecture, Events, Old 21 Jun 07

This is called “Turning the place over.” Its great. Liverpool needs more things like this. Completely random bits of art that make you go “eh?” Sure passers by had no idea what it was for or why they did it but everyone stopped and looked. I think thats the important bit with art. It makes people stop and for a brief moment, think. It adds something to your day. Everyone getting off the train at Moorfield’s station will see it. What you can see here is a giant egg shaped cut out that rotates. The black blocks are radiators on the inside. Its very impressive to watch and you should take 5 mins out your day to have a look. You can see a video on Liverpool Stories. That will give you a better idea of what it is. read more