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Groundhog Day

Personal 2 Feb 16

Today is Groundhog Day and I just watched it as part of a 24hr run at Liverpool’s Small Cinema. I haven’t seen it in years.

The film is different to how I remember. I remember the comedy death scenes. The cute groundhog. Bill Murray trying to score with Andie McDowell in various funny ways. It’s a romantic comedy with some time looping on the side. It’s classic Bill Murray. That’s what I remember anyway. The film I saw today wasn’t the film I remember watching. I guess that’s time for you. It changes you so when you relive the same day many years later you’re a different person.

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Personal, Visual Diary 21 Jan 16

I was thinking about acceptance the other day after reading an article by Claire Eastham. Imagine if you could accept who you are, draw strength from your abilities and really make something great? Wouldn’t that be good? Instead we dislike who we are. But then that’s the road you take to better yourself I guess. If you see yourself as rubbish then you’ll work hard to fix that. So in the end we’re constantly unhappy and unaware that we’re actually doing the great things.

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Christmas Prints

Personal 8 Dec 15

It’s Christmas soon and it’ll be Christmas again next year so you’re either just in time to get a print now or be super prepared for 2016. Either way I’ve got a print sale on. I’ve made two galleries just with Christmas ideas for you to browse as I’ve got a lot of photos. For the local crowd there’s a Liverpool themed gallery and there’s also a travel themed gallery with Iceland, Amsterdam and other places in.

Using the code: XMAS2015 you can save 10% off prints on my store till Jan 6th. So if you get cash for Christmas you can use it on prints.

I have a vlog now. vlogging is cool.

Personal 29 Oct 15

It’s possibly a bit odd to be talking about doing a daily vlog on my not so daily blog. But I wanted to write something about it because this site isn’t going away. I’m not switching from blogging to vlogging. I’m going to, stupidly, do both. I’ll put stuff here when I want / can and my vlog is going to be daily.

So why do a daily vlog? Well 14 years ago I started blogging because I was fascinated by the medium. Here I am 14 years later still doing it. This blog has been running since 2004 so thats 11 years running a photoblog type site. I like having a space to put thoughts. I know its pretty egotistical in a way. I mean who really cares what I have to say?

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Not being good enough

Personal 20 Oct 15

I sat down last night with full intention of posting my best Iceland photos. Ive got about 22 that are sorted into a group for posting. They’re good solid photos. They tick all the right boxes. Beautiful light. Epic landscapes. A land of fire (which we didn’t see) and ice (which we did). They filmed Interstellar there and also Game of Thrones. The light is magical. You know what you’re getting when you see a link for Iceland photos. Maybe that’s why I turned the laptop off and played Mass Effect 3 instead then.

New Flickr

Personal, Words 11 May 15

I feel like I’ve lost something. Flickr recently had a redesign but it doesn’t feel like home. It hasn’t for a number of years. Is it due to the design changes or the lack of a community feeling I lost there years ago?

I look around at the new photo sharing sites. 500px, Instagram, Google something something, Facebook (kinda). 500px isn’t home. It’s nicely designed but I don’t feel at home there. Instagram is fun but not home either. It’s a stream of photos by people I follow, which you could argue Flickr is too but Flickr used to have a sense of community that Instagram doesn’t appear to have. Also I look at Instagram with confusion. I don’t understand how someone can get 71,000 followers without posting cat photos constantly and without tagging. Are they bought? How do you even do that? I don’t understand Instagram in that way. Flickr you could sort of understand that people played a game of add to 1,000 groups and toy with tags to get into Explore. I see some people play that on Instagram with tags but when someone hasn’t done that but has a huge following I wonder. Then there’s Facebook. Facebook I keep at arms length. I don’t trust what they’re doing and again it doesn’t feel like home in the way that forums used to. Too high a noise to signal ratio perhaps?

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Architecture, Black-and-White, Personal 21 Apr 15

“Digital has made architectural photography very slick – sometimes you don’t know if it’s a photo, or if it’s a rendering, and that I find very disturbing. …If you’ve spent five years to ten years making a building, you want to make sure that the photos are like a building and not like a rendering.” – Hélène Binet 

Hélène Binet is my new favourite photographer. She’s an architectural photographer who shoots film for some of the words top architects. Her work is beautiful. Seriously stunningly beautiful.

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Solar Eclipse

Personal 20 Mar 15

Space, 1999. More precisely JMU Tower and I’m looking at people standing on rooftops like walkers have breached their primary defences. Except that I won’t know about walkers for another 14 years so why are they there?

It’s 11th August. I’m a student at Liverpool John Moores University studying a BSc in Software Engineering. I’ve just started on my placement year at JMU Tower in the Computer Services department. The Phantom Menance had just been released to the sound of millions of voices crying out in terror. I’m 20. I’m young. Very young. A year later another placement student will take my place. He’s also 20, young but married with a mortgage. He leaves me speechless.

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Mothers Day

Personal 13 Mar 15

2010, 5 years ago, was my last Mother’s Day. I expected it every year. Unfortunately it’s the sort of person I am. I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. It did in June that year. That said, my anxiety means I want every event to be great. I would always get a card with a badge on. I’d try to get balloons and carnations, my mums favourite. She deserved it all. 

Today I was at a talk by Phil Toledano. You may remember him from such photography as Days with my father. The photography that reminded us all how precious family moments are. His work went viral a few months before Mothers Day 2010 and I owe him a debt of gratitude for doing the work he did. It reminded me to photograph the hard days, the little things, the naked truth. 

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